Self-checkout at live eventsĀ šŸ¤˜šŸ‘Œ

No downloading apps, no signupsĀ & no hardware


Self-checkout at live eventsĀ šŸ¤˜šŸ‘Œ
No downloading apps,
no signupsĀ & no hardware

What WE Do

We enable attendees at live events to quickly order and pay from their phone without any app download, user signup or needing special hardware.

No 'human in the loop'

We are powering a revolution in food service by eliminating the inefficiency andĀ poor end user experiences that are caused by this 'human in the loop' problem.

Your customers can order right from their phones, withĀ just one-tap and pay with any digital one-touch payments. No Apps needed.Ā 

We text them when their order is ready. Check out our demo to learn more!

Digital Wallets

We support all digital wallets such as Apple, Google, Venmo, PayPal that are low risk of fraud and also add value to our friction-free way of checkout. It's no wonder that our product's follow through rates nearly ~90% completion!

Precise ETA

Your customers are used to precise down-to-minute waiting times, thanks to Uber and Lyft.Ā We believe that on-premise ordering shouldn't be any different!

During crowded events we let a customer know ahead of time on their ETA and also help you manage capacity by analyzingĀ if we should send more or fewer orders.Ā 

QR Code

Customers can point their camera at our QR code and access our ordering page.

Place these anywhere on your store, in giant sizes visible to the crowd.

NFC Stickers

Customers can access our ordering page by tapping gently on our stickers.

Place them anywhere or evenĀ send them home with loyal customers.


Each event has a unique 5Ā digit number. Customers may simply text it to access our ordering page.Ā 

Promote it heavily and make sure you place it in visible areas.Ā 

Wi-Fi Page

Our ordering page is shown to a user when they try to connect to your wifi.

Offer free wifi and meet your customers where they already are and ready to engage.

Increase Spend

Better management of logistics leads to higher throughput & profits.

An average vendor can handle up to 3X more sales if timed right!



Improve Efficiency

Customers ordering through Sleek frees up your staff and improves productivity

Satisfy Customers

Less time standing in line brings back customers.

Happy customers = Returning customers!

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535 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103

+1 (650) 314-8330