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Queuing will never be the same. Create a next generation convenience experience for your guests while monetizing on long lines.
It's simple, it's Sleek.
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An experience designed to transform commerce


Customers can simply join a virtual queue by the push of a button

Skip the Line

For those that want to skip the line, that is an option

Text Alerts

Notify customers via text messages

How Sleek can help during COVID-19

Eliminate lines

Let customers join line from their phone and wait remotely for their turn.

Limit entrance

Control the number of customers in your store anytime.

Curbside pickup

Let customers stay in their car until their order is ready.
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Join 20,142 other businesses that have chosen Sleek for a secure, customizable way to manage & monetize their lines.






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Manage waitlists end to end

Sleek provides admin tools for your team to manage virtual lines from anywhere & provide a great customer experience

Sleek tailored to power your business

Sleek makes it easy to manage your line and know who to serve next.
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Key Features

Our software allows customers to step out of a line while safeguarding their place for free, or to pay a fee for an expedited and unique VIP service

Smart ETA

Factoring multiple sources of data, Sleek is able to accurately calculate customer wait times down to the minute.

Revenue Share

Not only is Sleek’s platform free to event organizers, we also share a portion of the revenue it generates.

Flexible Platform

Sleek can operate independently or integrate directly into an organizer’s native mobile app to coexist harmoniously.

Low Friction

Sleek does not require consumers to sign up or login to use our service.

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