Waiting in lines, reinvented. 🤘👌

Queuing will never be the same. Whether a festival or concert, sporting event or convention - you can cut the line and save the time.

It's simple, it's Sleek.


AI-based VIP experience at Live Events🤘
We let customers order & pay quickly without having to wait in long lines. We come with a no app download, no signup experience nor is any special hardware required.

It’s simple, it’s Sleek.

Lines are a multi-generational problem that has never been improved upon.

Nobody enjoys waiting in lines, Sleek controls lines.

Our AI technology draws on deep learning to relocate physical lines to a digital mobile medium—saving customers the inconvenience of waiting in lines.

Our Technology

Our software allows customers to step out of a line while safeguarding their place for free, or to pay a fee for an expedited and unique VIP service

Flexible Platform

Sleek can operate independently or integrate directly into an organizer’s native mobile app
to coexist harmoniously.

Revenue Share

Not only is Sleek’s platform free to event organizers, we also share a portion of the revenue it generates.

Smart ETA

Factoring multiple sources of data, Sleek is able to accurately calculate customer wait times down to the minute.

Low Friction

Sleek does not require consumers to sign up or login to use our service.

Increase Spend

Capture the revenue that never was your revenue. Fans could pay up to 2x on an item to cut their wait times in half.


Improve Efficiency

Fans ordering through Sleek frees up your staff and improves productivity

Satisfy Fans

Cutting the waiting in lines improves event experience

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