Self-Order & Pay for every restaurant Table Top.

No Hardware. No Downloads. No Logins.

Just the Sleek way.

What WE Do

We make order & pay experience  delightful for customers and restaurant partners alike with our proprietary technology

Precise ETA

Your customers are used to precise down-to-minute waiting times, thanks to Uber and Lyft. We believe that restaurant ordering shouldn't be any different!

During peak hours we let a customer know ahead of time on their ETA and also help you manage capacity by analyzing if we should send more or fewer orders. 

Digital Wallets

We support all digital wallets such as Apple, Google, Venmo, PayPal that are low risk of fraud and also add value to our friction-free way of checkout. It's no wonder that our product's follow through rates nearly ~90% completion!

No 'human in the loop'

We are powering a revolution in food service by eliminating the staggering inefficiency and  simultaneously poor end user experiences that are caused by this 'human in the loop' problem.

Our NFC & QR code sticker ordering emulates a self-serve tablet taking orders minus the hardware. Your customers can order right from their phones, with just one-tap and pay with any digital one-touch payments. No Apps needed. 

We text them when their order is ready. Check out our demo to learn more!

Increase Revenue

Better management of logistics leads to higher throughput & profits.

McDonald’s brings up to ~20% in profits vs. an industry average of ~6%



Save Staff Hours

Customers ordering through Sleek saves your staff hours.

Improve Guest Ratings

Less time standing in line brings back customers.

Happy customers = Returning customers!

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