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The night is short. 
Text, order, & skip that line.

Text to Drink

No downloading apps, no onboarding, no clicks… just text us what you’d like. Order and pay for your drinks at your favorite bar without missing the fun. 

Text us from anywhere; the dance floor, at a table with your friends, or even the bathroom and you’ll be notified with an ETA and when your drink is ready for pickup. Oh, we also have curated recommendations for you.

You focus on the experience, we take care of the ordering


Skip the line

No more waiting, elbowing, yelling, all to  to grab a bartender’s attention. We’ll tell you the approximate ETA, and you can go back to enjoying that conversation.

Tab is always open

You never have to worry about carrying cash or credit cards, let alone forgetting your card after opening the tab. You use your preffered way of payment, be it Apple Pay, Google Pay or Venmo.

Curated Specials

We learn your tastes over time and recommend drinks based on it. You can even text us your usual or just an emoji and we’ll know what you meant.

The Sleek Team

Spandana Nakka

Spandana Nakka

Spandana has experience building & scaling multi-billion dollar consumer products at Google & Symantec.

 She has an MS in Engineering Management from Stanford University.

Dimitar Simeonov

Dimitar Simeonov

Dimitar has been building intelligent systems and robots throughout his experience at Twitter & Dropbox.

He has BS & MS degrees in Computer Science from MIT.

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