Waiting in line, the lesser-known symptom of Covid-19

April 4, 2020

How the pandemic has impacted the way we move through the world

Whatever you call them, queues, lines, or rows or files, we can all agree they can be pretty annoying. Covid-19 has meant some big changes to the way we live, and the proliferation of lines we now have to wait in to buy stuff is certainly one of them. Now, however, wherever you go, they’re popping up, snaking through your supermarkets, cafes, and even your schools. There’s no escaping them.

For many, this has resulted in a complete shift in the way they plan their days out. Shopping is no longer the simple and relaxing pastime, with so much more time taken up with waiting in line to even get inside the stores. Then there are the one-way systems and distancing that need to be followed. Everything is taking so much longer.

There’s also the personal impact of all of this. Many of us are trying our hardest to respect others’ personal space. We don’t want to be hanging around other people for too long, for their own and others’ safety. Having to wait in line means needing to stay in relatively close proximity to each other for longer than you might like. This is likely to put people off even getting as far as joining the line outside their favorite barber or café, let alone stick around.

Right now, we are facing some quite uncomfortable choices and there are no easy solutions.

The problem is that is you can’t pitch up a tent to wait for a haircut or pay someone to look after your place in line whilst you get on with your life. Nor can you effectively control the people around you to not get too close. The risks are just there. So, what do you do? Spend all your time waiting in line or avoid leaving the house ever again?

If only there was a way to hold your place, and still get on with your life.

Well, we think we’ve got the solution. Even before all this, we knew people hated waiting in line. So, we designed our system to make the process as easy as pressing a button on your phone. Our platform is super simple and gives you exact waiting times, alerting you when the service you’re after is ready for you. A clever solution to a problem that’s not going away any time soon. For business owners, it’s also a game-changer. Rather than having to turn people away as you have too many people in line not maintaining social distancing, you can simply get them to hold their place on the app. This means they can head out to wait nearby or even at home, keeping everyone safe, happy, and handing them back their precious time.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Sleek could change the way you and your customers wait in line forever, click here to get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

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