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How Sleek can help during COVID-19

Eliminate lines

Let customers join line from their phone and wait remotely for their turn.

Limit entrance

Control the number of customers in your store anytime.

Curbside pickup

Let customers stay in their car until their order is ready.
Learn about using SleekText during Covid-19 →

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the dynamic surge pricing work?

Airlines, vacation homes or even fluctuate their prices with consumer’s demand. We make it easy for businesses to adjust their prices to the demand (or long lines) similar to how Uber’s surge pricing works. We take into account - demand, time, weather of the day, historic demand, competitors prices, etc. into account.

What is in it for me?

You’d be getting a portion of that surge fee, about 20%. If you have wondered how you could monetize on the long lines at your business, here’s the optimal way. This provides convenience for all (customers that pay a fee & those who don’t) while adding dollars to your profits.

Are customers that are paying the dynamic fee, literally cutting the line?

No, they are not. When there is a high demand, we ask customers if they’d like us to text them back by showing them a wait time upfront with a slight cushion of 5-10 min extra or get a discount for waiting extra. We use this saved time to reduce the wait for another customer paying the fee.

Will my customers see higher wait times?

No, we honor the wait times shown to all customers upfront. Our algorithms make sure that wait for the customer is not affected. This is similar to managing customer experiences when someone has ordered at McDonald’s drive thru vs. at the store via cashier - everyone is assured a good experience.

How do we predict wait times?

We collect data from multiple sources, including your POS - We know the number of pending orders, rush hours, as well as the number of supporting staff. That’s enough information for us to provide your customers with a precise ETA.

Will customers that have paid the dynamic surge pricing upset others in the line?

As is the case with most payments made online, there is anonymity with anyone that has paid the dynamic fee. The customers who have paid the dynamic fee simply go to the pickup section and collect their items rather than upsetting customers waiting in the line.

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