At any business with long lines, all the way from a food truck to a large sport arena. Sleek has got your back and offers a solution custom to your guests.
multiple channels

Seamless Discovery 

Sleek has multiple channels to virtual queuing from just about anywhere. We provide you with ample signage to improve visibility with your guests.

Unlock Newer Streams of Revenue

Normally as wait times peak, newer customers turn away which leads to your revenue plateauing. Sleek unlocks newer streams of revenue by introducing a dynamic fee, customers that value convenience over $ may simply choose to pay a fee and skip the line.

Uber like Dynamic Surge Pricing

Our algorithms collect your customers’ real time on-premise data, and coupled with other data such as time of the day, weather etc. - we determine a precise fee similar to uber surge pricing to applied.

Give Down to Minute ETA expectations

Sleek combines numerous data sources and double verifies information using deep learning. The ETAs provided to customers are reliable and sets customer expectations upfront.

Seamless Setup from Anywhere 

Create a waitlist for your business from anywhere and change the convenience experience for your guests. 

Close the Loop on Customer Feedback

Sleek collects customer feedback from all the guests that access our platform. You may also import the customers lists for your own marketing campaigns.

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We are a team dedicated to finding efficient solutions with passion for deep technologies and solving problems

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