Imagine if you were at a crowded venue and there’s at least 10 people ahead of you in the line.

With Sleek at the venue, you can place an order through your smartphone, so skip that line.


1. Text ‘sleek’ to 77948 or point your camera at this QR code.

2. Open our demo URL that pops up

3. Complete the flow and pay

PS. We will refund you back for trying our demo.


You’ll be notified via text when your order is ready to be picked up.


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when customers scan or text a 5 digit code?

They will be taken straight to the menu to place an order, see the ETA and the dynamically calculated convenience fee to skip the line.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. We are absolutely free of cost to the merchants and take a small cut of the dynamically calculated convenience fee charged to the customers

Why is this useful for my business?

Your customers are used to the convenience of online shopping. Long wait times drives them away and leads to poor satisfaction. 

With Sleek, they simply choose to either pay a fee, that brings extra revenue to your business or wait in lines.

Adopting Sleek for a month, other businesses have increased their sales by up to 30%!

How do you calculate ETA?

We know the number of pending orders, rush hours, as well as the number of supporting staff.

That’s enough information for us to provide your customers with a precise ETA.

What's next after I sign up?

After you finish registration –

  1.  We send you a link, and upon clicking this you give us permissions to read and write into your POS.
  2. We give you stickers to place on your tables or signage. We would work with you to gorilla market these at the event.
What is dynamic pricing?

With deep learning, our dynamically calculated ‘convenience fee’ takes into account the competitors, demand, inventory, order traffic and processing times – similar to Uber’s ‘surge pricing’ and generates huge revenue and simultaneous value for customers and merchants.

Does Sleek integrate with my POS?

Sleek integrates with over 60% of the POS systems and are continuously adding more.

Do you have an app?

Our focus is on getting customers to buy from you directly with as little friction as possible. To do that, we don’t require customers to download an app. Rather, they can place an order in just one tap.

Can my customers order online as well?

Yes and yes! We are a URL link after all.

Is there a binding contract?

Nope! If you don’t feel like you are getting enough value, you can walk away at any time.


535 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103

+1 (650) 314-8330