We Spend 6 Months of Our Lives Waiting in Line — Ouch!

June 6, 2019
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Let’s face it: no one wakes up each morning thinking it’s a great day to wait in line. And yet research suggests we spend a whopping six months of our lives doing just that. This is the cumulative total of all the time spent waiting for a bus or train to arrive, waiting to check out at the store, or queuing in line at a theme park or event.

Most of us consider it the price of doing business: it’s simply part of the process, like it or not. 

But our team at Sleek think that trading six months of the average life is too much, and that time can be put to better use without sacrificing the very thing you’re waiting for.

Turning the Basic Queue Line on Its Head

Technology has reinvented a myriad of things we do every day, from how we obtain goods and services to how we consume our news. Now, it’s time to reinvent the queue line as we know it. 

Standing in line is an activity that’s been the bane of individuals for decades. It’s something no one really enjoys, but it’s also something that no one has really thought to improve on. The biggest “upgrade” that lines have seen over the years is taking a number and waiting to be served, which essentially holds your place so you don’t have to physically stand in line.

Amusement parks have tried to improve on the queue line by selling electronic passes that  “hold” your place in line while you enjoy other attractions. These passes work fairly well, but they’re usually available in very limited supply and often cost more than the entry ticket. It’s just not a suitable or fair solution for the masses.

How Sleek is Shortening the Line

Technology is being deployed in multiple aspects of our lives and reinventing the way we do things. That’s why we founded Sleek — We saw the opportunity to add line waiting to the ever-growing list of problems technology can solve. 

Our app-based solution allows users to step out of lines without losing their place, calculate wait time down to the minute, and turn physical lines into digital concepts. We’re accomplishing this through unique technology that can integrate with an organizer’s native app or as an independent platform, both of which allow the user to avoid wasting time waiting in line.

A user-friendly interface allows users to save their place with a few quick taps, and even pay a small premium to skip to the front of the line. This fee is calculated based on a deep-learning algorithm that calculates surge pricing based on the event and offers revenue sharing with the event organizer each time a user upgrades their place in line.

Bringing Line Waiting to the 21st Century

At Sleek, we’re bringing old-fashioned line waiting to the modern digital era to the benefit of participants and event organizers alike. Learn more about how Sleek is giving you back six+ months of your life and making standing in line a thing of the past.

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